Saturday, 27 June 2009

So you think you're smart - Prove it!

Hi Folks, As promised I have eventually done the poster for the quiz night, Its our last major event planned(so far)so Please come and have some fun. Its Kicking off at The Ambleside club on Friday 10th of July at 7:30pm. £12 a team/table with a max of 6 per team. Bring your own food if you wish although we will put some nibbles on the tables.
Starting off with "heads or Tales"so one table will get a couple of bottles of wine to start the night off. Then into the quiz, 100 questions and a picture round. We have some great prizes for a raffle with the top prize being a Chimnea for the patio. Tables will be limited so it's first come first served I am afraid, give me or Rathers a call or email with your team name. Ideally we would like the £12 in advance to reserve your table, if you promise to come and let us down on the night I will hound you until you pay up, remember tables are limited so you would not only deprive someone of a good night out but would reduce the amount of money we can collect for the charities. The Race night was very enjoyable so don't miss out on this one. Hopefully we will see some of you there on the night.(Now including a buffet, thanks to Lauren and family.x)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tech support - Jacksons of Arley

We would like to thank Jacksons of Arley, in particular Theresa and her daughter for supporting us with some great kit, inc Snugpak sleeping bags with built in mosquito nets, Deet spray, trek towels towels and multi purpose soap(What are they trying to say?) These of course will in due course need to go into the gratuity book at work. Neils band played some years ago for Theresa's mum who is also Scottish, the band was so good it made her cry and to this current date she still treasures the photograph which is displayed in her room at a local nursing home. As a thankyou Neils is going to surprise her by turning up in full dress and palying his pipes for her and the rest of the old folk at the home, I don't think any hearing aids will be needed for this performance.
Jacksons is situated on the industrial estate in Arley, its like an Aladins cave, you name it and they have got it, Very friendly long established family business. What a cracking bunch.
Thanks, Bob & Neil

Monday, 22 June 2009

HLLA - Ambleside Family Fun Day

A big thanks to everyone who bought some prize draw tickets yesterday at the Ambleside Family Fund Day, lots of fun was had by all. Yesterday as a result our total rose by £157.25.
Thanks to to the committee who allowed us to come along with a couple of bikes and our big TV to show everyone just what we were letting ourselves in for.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mohican signs T shirt for the boys!

We are now the proud custodians of a T shirt signed by the last of the Mohicans, how did we manage that you ask, havn't they been away for quite a while now?
Well its like this, Majellas brother Shai works in a motorcycle dealership in the Emerald Isle. Last week, there he was minding his own business polishing all the shiney bits on the bikes in the store when in walks Mr Daniel Day Lewis(now minus the mohican hair cut) and wants to test ride a few motrcycles. The rides take place and Shai whilst Mr DD Lewis is still in the store phones sis as she is a bit of a movie buff, just to say you won't believe who we have in the shop. Majella quick as a flash sees an opportunity to raise some funds and says"Get him to sign something for the auction" Shai tells Mr DD Lewis all about Enduroafrica who willingly signs a T shirt. Thanks Mr Lewis for doing your bit to help us raise money for our 4 great charities. I will put a photo of the shirt on the site as soon as I can.
Quiz night is on July 10th, 6 per team, £12 a table. Money in advance will ensure you have a table reserved.Oh if you would like to help us by donating, please drop us a couple of quid via Paypal, all the money is for charity so come on cough up.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Please feel free to leave some comments

Hola Amigo's,
I am probably really going to regret this. At the bottom of each blog is a little envelope, if you click on it a box opens up and allows you to type in your comments, please feel free to add your thoughts to our blog, hopefully they will be supportive and constructive(Remember some younger people may read your comments before I get to moderate them so please nothing too rude)
Just trying to get some interaction going, would be good to hear from some other Enduroafrica participants too.
Back to the sun now, another hour and its San Miguel time again, Oh life is tough.
Hasta La Sunbed,

Friday, 5 June 2009

Hi folks, sorry there have not been any updates over the last week as both myself and Rathers are having a little R&R. The Big boy is in Bonnie Scotland and I am baking in the "Costa Packet" at my outlaws gaff until Weds next week.
However there is news to tell. Last week I had occasion to go to Sonic Communications to collect some bits and bobs for work, whilst I was there I was lucky enough for find the MD Mr David Bryan was present. The very nice receptionist very kindly asked him if he could spare us a minute, 5 minutes later we were in his office having a coffee.
Sonic Communications are an international company and for those that followed Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor on Long Way Down, Long Way Round and Race to Dakkar will know that Sonic Provided the head cams and comms for the pair.
After a chat about our trip I am over the moon to say that David readily agreed to loan us the same Head cams and Comms for our trip(Well perhaps not the same ones)
We will now be able to record events as they unfold, I hope they won't be too dramatic though, plus we can shout encouragement and no doubt abuse at each other as we ride through the Wild Coast, FANTASTIC.
It Gets better, I mentioned to David that I had emailed Long Way Down to see if we could scrounge any bit of unwanted kit that could be signed by either Charlie or Ewan that we could auction off to raise money for our charities but as yet had no reply.
David picked up the phone and had brief conversation with Liz before handing me the phone, "Who is it?" I whispered, "Assistant producer from Long Way Down" came David's reply.
After a chat with Liz and blaming Charlie and Ewan for getting us into this mess in the first place, Liz said that they would love to help us out and that the Producer himself would call me back in half an hour. He Did just that.
At the moment I won't say what the Producer has in mind, I leave you in suspense for the time being, but if it all comes off it will be really exciting and be a massive, MASSIVE boost to our morale and no doubt Enduroafrica itself.
As soon as I know, I'll put you out of your misery, for now I feel a cold one coming on so I will wish you all Hasta La Vista.