Sunday, 25 October 2009

Barry Turtle - End of riding

Finished riding @ 16:36 hours today! We are staying in a top hotel and now off for dinner. It really is relentless, we have not had a second. Even this PM after coming in by calalcade into Port Elizabeth they took us off to the sand dunes for 2 hours of hell!
Now trying to take it all in.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Barry Turtle - End of the Wild Coast

We have now come to the end of the Wild Coast and all of its technical challenges. We are staying in the best situated room I have ever had on the 3rd floor corner of the Morgan Bay Hotel.
The room is the size of my downsatirs at homeand is surrounded by rolling water and sandy beaches.
The next two days are through forests and countryside and then the game reserves covering 550k!
Barry x

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Matt Felkin(Yellow team)

Matt writes to say that he is on the Yellow team following his riding assessment (although I have a feeling Matt played down his skills to enable him to catch the scenery), the weather has now improved.
47 riders completed "The Gorge"plus some other hard sections, Matt did the coastal route with the Orange team(Rainbow day).
Injuries for this day included two blown knees, three thumbs,and Matt's wrist after he ditched his bike down a big hole! (hopefully Matt you shared these injuries with some other riders, either that or you have an extra thumb?)
Matt sent this text from the Kabin where is is very kindly having an Amstel for me(cheers buddy I am on nights!)
A second text from Matt 2 minutes after this one informs us that he did his knee and toe on a big boulder, he still finished his section though, just going through for Dinner at the Hole in the Wall.
Speak soon.

Matt Felkin update.

Sorry folks, I seem to have missed this text message from Matt.
One member was Shit faced on the plane, I'll tell you about it when I get back!
Just on our way to the hotel and its hot(1st Day) it's a 2 hour trip. Journey was good and I have got your dog picture(border collie at the airport)
It's bloody warm, only 1 member 75 riders I think on this one?
Cheers Matt

Barry Turtle (Cremone)

Check out the Maroon teams web site. by Sam Dalton, it shows where we are by GPS and has info etc. Love you
07:32 20/10/09 We are leaving Cremone this morning, yesterday did not go to plan. The guys on the hard morning route took 6 hours to do 18k! So the afternoon ride suffered and we hit the bar!
Today we ride 135k to Hole in the Wall.x

Friday, 16 October 2009

Matt Felkin (Heathrow)

Matt is at the departure lounge with Simon Garry, Perry from Canada, Knowle, Sam and another fella. The second leg have managed to get an extra 20kg for their hold luggage, if they knew that before hand it would have saved a lot of worries with the packing.
Matt has a seat in the middle of the plane but the mission to get the picture of the Border Collie cut out at Jo'Berg is still on.

Barry Turtle(Heathrow)

Thanks to all for your support and good wishes. I am now in the departure lounge at Heathrow and meeting the first few riders, feels good!