Sunday, 11 October 2009

Don't expect this to be easy and you won't be disapointed

We Woke this morning to a dull muggy day, still raining and the roads very wet. As we set off for TO strand Rathers came off on the same stretch of muddy road that felled him last night, which completely buggered his confidence. The roads are hell on earth, 2k down the road i picked up a puncture in my rear tyre. We set off and Rathers said to me "I have a really bad feeling about today" - Within 200m both he and martin the rear sweep were on their backsides in the mud. Martin injured his foot and needed a strong painkiller to be able to continue the journey. Then came a massive gorge downhill, descent and a river crossing, I never knew how much i could sweat getting a bike downhill, should be easy shouldn't it?
The rest of the ride was on wet modelling clay, team 2 - its cold and wet in the hills, bring something to stop the cold!
As i write this we are being entertained at the Strand, knackered and walking like John Wayne.
Cant wait to be back with our families now!
Team 2 - good luck and i hope this blog has helped you some, enjoy it folks - its bloody hard work but you will remember the sights, sounds and smells for as long as you live!
Love Bob and Neil xxx


  1. Side Note - Lucy here, unfortunatly the last few days my dad hasnt been able to access the internet and has been texting me the updates - he will be able to read all your comments when he gets back and answer your questions etc!

  2. a big thank you bob , yours and andrew forsythes blogs have been an inspiration ,many thanks to lucy for keeping the messages coming , you have no idea how much its helped ...thanks again

  3. Good work Bob.
    This really is helping us EA!!'s if not scaring us a little too!!
    Thanks for all the tips - keep them coming our way if you think of any more. Cheers and safe journey home.

  4. Hello Bob the copper,
    Sitting here in my shed on a bright sunny English morning, drinking coffee and eating chocolate biscuits, NOT THINKING OF YOU. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Bozi