Sunday, 4 October 2009

Day 3, now were talking!

Well with much pomp and ceremony we set off from Port Elizabeth 30 minutes later than planned due to the local Old Bill not quite getting there act together, The first fall off of the day went to a poor chap who pushed his bike out into the road, only to fall over it.
We travelled about 10K out of town and then we went off road for a 37K technical section to sort the men from the boys, this involved many river/stream crossings , sometimes riding down stream for a way in the water, watch it team 2 its rocky!
Then we had a cheeky little decent down a steep rocky gorge, this did sort the men from the boys, bikes going off the track left right and well not quite centre, we both did it quite easlily. This done we set off for about 70K accross some very dusty tracks/roads(Most of the roads are mud) For lunch we dropped in at a game reserve where we were treated to a ride in a land Rover to see the Rhinos, Zebras, Gazelles, Springboks, Wart hogs, all sorts! Sadly we did not have time to see the lions before we dined on some of the former residents of the reserve! Nice nosh though and a lovely local pudding a bit like sticky toffee Pud.
After lunch we were awarded our team colours, and guess what, Rathers and I are in the Gold team, which is the first team to set out each day being the quickest and most technically competent, Wooooohooooooooo!
Lots of dusty roads followed, we covered nearly 300K today and we are all filthy.
We saw quite a bit of wildlife, monkeys at the side of the road, a Guinea Fowl nearly took my head off, a Hare diced with death in front of me and two wild cow type things raced us down a track!
We are now at the hotel in Port Alfred and its nearly dinner time.
Tips for team 2 (Oct 13th trip) The plugs out here are 3 round pins like our old sockets years ago, bring plenty of adapters, they don't sell em out here.
Internet access so far has not been a problem, wifi hotspots are at this hotel and the one in Port Elizabeth.
Practice slow riding and technical stuff, rough terrain!
The people out here are very friendly, everyone waves and shouts as we ride by, the scenery is stunning already and we havent reached the Transkai yet, one minute you think you are in Wales, then in rural England, then Spain!
Thanks everyone for your comments on the Blog, We are both missing our family's, Majella Niel says he loves you lots, Di, Matt, Lucy, Nikki and Eve, love you Lots.
Off towards Morgans Bay, tomorrow.
PS, Majella, Neils Cumbrian foot is improving but Charlie the bear who is caging a ride on Neils handlebars is a bit grubby!
Later Peeps,
Bob&Neil x


  1. Hi Neil, It's good to read that you and Bob are both enjoying yourselves. Mum's finally realising how much she is missing out not having a computer. Take care of the Cumbrian ankle and try to avoid flying beds if you drink to much breakfast!!!!

    Iain XXXX

  2. proud of you guys !!!! thanks for the heads up on the plug adapters and wifi bob ,hope the fella with the stitches isnt too bad .. safe journey ..fantastic blog !!!!! keep em coming

    matt felkin

  3. Well done guys, blog really interesting ! Sean Trip 2

  4. Miss O'Neill4 October 2009 at 13:19

    Photograph is great Bob, but it doesnt show Neils good side .... His arse !! My main concern is not Charlie Bear but whether the purple toe nails have chipped in those boots, and whether you Bob have been persuaded to adorn the hot Purple shade Neil has for you !! Whilst it would be fab to see you both, the blog oozes your enthusiasm and excitement , keep it coming and keep safe . Love you gorgeous Husband . Miss O'Neill xxxxx

  5. hey dad, lucy here! glad to hear your having a great time, sounds like you will have lots of stories to tell! Mum is obsessively checking your blogsite and misses you lots (lol). Nikki says love you lots and get some good pics. Eve is doing the usual - having the dogs life...with abit more moping by the door than usual. Hope you are having a great time, miss you lots - keep us updated!
    The wills women xxx

  6. Mike Poxon's wife Lorraine.............Hi, thanks for the blog, great to hear whats going on! Fully appreciate how taken back you must be by the scenery and the friendly people, I was told many years ago that you can leave South Africa but it will never leave you! It just gets into your soul! will find in years to come you will " Thanks for leading the way guys! make it nice and safe for my hubby, he is very precious to me ! :0) Lorraine, Bex, James and Jonathan............xx

  7. hi ya. It was so good to hear from you tonight. It sounded like you were shattered after todays ride though. I think it has even surprised you as to how difficult this is. Still you have gone there for the challenge haven't you. It was also good to hear about your visit to a local school today and your involvement with that. I had hoped that you could read your emails - I have sent a lovely one that i would have liked you to read. It is not very private talking to you this way, I hope you get the opportunity to ring us again. Love you lots - Diane