Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Transkei High

Apologies for no blog yesterday, by the time I had eaten and asked about the internet usage it was too late, access is only between 8a and 6p, it's dial up too!
Yesterday we hit the Transkei and visietd one of the schools on the Touch Africa project, we delivered tables, chairs, toys and supplies,the children were fantastic and all imaculate considering their surroundings, it's nothing for them to walk 8k to school. We then set off for some really tough riding, and I mean tuff!
We lost a member of our team for 4 broken bones in his foot, quite a few injuries were received by the riders and we were all dead on our feet when we got to the hotel (Me and Rathers were ok)
This morning we set off for another school and got stuck in to putting up a "Jungle Gym", painting, putting doors and locks on, carpeting the floors, putting in concrete window sills, even cooked for the kids and refurbished tables.
Rathers also played his pipes for the kids which they loved, so did the mums and dads, saw some strange dancing!
Tips, take goggles with you to schools to keep dust out of eyes (when sweeping floors, sanding etc)
Watch out if you swim in the bay at Mezzappa bay, Great whites have been seen there!
Thats all for now, sorry its brief but the computer is very slow.
Bob & Neil x


  1. Miss O'Neill7 October 2009 at 07:43

    You are forgiven for keeping your fans waiting for the latest update !! Yesterday sounded very challenging and that, it appears is not the hardest section ! I watched last years enduro that we had recorded again last night, and watching the riders try to get up the Gorge was scary ... so ride like the wind, breathe in and say lots of Hail Mary's when you get there ! Everyone is aking how you are both getting on and tracking you . I have manged to get hold of most of the raffle winners , a few have asked for the blog details to watch your progress.Hope you have had a great day , I expect liquid refreshments are in their abundance . Love you PC Rathbone (infinitely !) xxxxx

  2. sounds like you did some good charity work dad, its nice to see where the money has gone and what you are doing out there to help out!! Well done, very proud of you.
    Love you lots xxxx

  3. well done guys !!!! thanks for keeping the blogs coming , stay safe , hope to see some photo's on your return , im very very nervous now , think i will fake my riding ability now lol

  4. Keep it up boys, I bet your missing that pint of Stella !!
    Keep to the safe path !