Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ever tried to ride a duck on a pond of snot?

Well today was only 47km but was a very technical day. After the very heavy rain overnight and the persistant drizzle today the hard mud tracks have turned to the consistency of melted cream eggs! Those steep hill climbs were a bugger!
The day was split into two parts, this morning was supposed to be easy and the real hard bit was after lunch, a river crossing had to be done by wading through waist height water whilst carrying the bikes. However our leader Darrel ,who has no fear and rides up the impossible, advised that the whole team should not attempt the afternoon ride, there is no support possible in that region even by air, if someone blows a clutch then the bike stays there - remember 'you bend, you mend' - dont fancy forking out for a new bike!!
A few dicky tummies around today, could be down to some of the shitty water we have been riding through.
Tip of the day for team 2 - if you have any 30mm bad risers, bring them with you, it will make the little CRF a lot easier to ride standing up.
I am now relaxing in the bar with Mike Poxon and a few of the boys.
Looking forward to seeing my family again.
Rathers is also missing Majella!
Last riding day tomorrow, bet you guys coming on the second trip are getting really excited now!
TTFN Bob and Neil

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  1. bob thanks so much for your ,comments and top tips , i dont fancy spending any money on repairs to the bike im riding at all ,so gonna take it very carefully ,ive tried keeping everyone up to date on facebook of your adventures ,we're proud of you guys ...thanks again stay safe