Thursday, 1 October 2009

Time to pack, and pack, and pack again!

Yesterday I plucked up courage and attacked the packing, we knew that at 20Kg for hold luggage and 8Kg for hand luggage that things were going to be to say the least a bit tight. Our boots weigh in at just under 4Kg a pair, then body armour, leg armour, riding trousers, jacket etc, etc, etc.
On the first try the big red bag was over 23Kg, at £36 a Kg for the 3Kg that was another £118, Bu@@er that for a game of soldiers! out came the excess socks and pants, t shirts, walking boots. After 4 attempts I have managed to get down to below 18Kg, going to wear flip flops to travel and swap into Off Road boots to board the plane.
Rathers had much the same problem, 23Kg without packing his boots, I think now we are both sorted and can calm down a bit to spend a relaxing evening at home before we depart for SA tomorrow morning, Yeh right!

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