Monday, 5 October 2009

Port Alfred to Morgan Bay

Here we are at Morgan Bay Hotel, the ride here was not without incident, one bike written off today after a collision with a tree on a right hand bed! Right, here is the tip of the trip. Mike the boss of Red Cherry Adventures will tell you on day 1, don't ride in some one elses dust, it tastes awful and you cant see "Jack Shit", good advice people, heed it and heed it well! I came out of a dust cloud today and I was on an island between 2 ruts that could bury a bike, if you get in one of these at speed you will be sorry!!
Ride safe, enjoy the trip and for gods sake, don't get sucked into trying to be at the front all the time, space out(Thats the copper speaking and enough for now)
Do bring waterproofs, This morning it rained constantly, we were all soaked through and it is bloody cold believe me. Then the sun came out and again the roads turned to dust, believe me, sometimes you will pray for tarmac!
Be aware that if you get wet, then dusty, it will knacker your visor/goggles. Bring spares or some T Cut or Brasso to polish the fine scratches out,
Plenty of wildlife again today, watch out for the cow type thingies, they are mad! A monkey tried to comit Harry Karry today in front of one rider too.
Still we are all here safe again, just had a beer on the balcony and watched a school of dolphins in the bay, 30 minutes before we were swimming in the same place. Tomorrow we hit the Transkai, people are still fantastic, you will love them! only 80k tomorrow but it will take us 8 hours!
Dinner calls so must go, To Majella, I am looking after Neil, To a new friend's wife Michael Poxon he is safe well and sends his love. To My family Mwhah!
More tomorrow(Oh Morgan Bay Hotel have Internet access to peeps)
Loe you all, keep the comments coming please, DI, READ THE BLOG. Matt Felkin, your bike is still in one piece mate(so Far)
Bob and Neil XXX


  1. Hello, swamp duck here (for those that don,t know who this is don,t ask). For your information I have been avidly reading from day 1. I don't know why you never told me about this blogsite before it is really good isn,t it. It is reassuring to know that you are having such a good time and that you are keeping safe. I shall continue to read and catch up with you on a daily basis. Everyone sends their love - love you lots (but then you know that) ps can you read your emails. mwah xxxxxx

  2. thanks for the tips bob , your making us proud over here ,im trying to update fb everyday with yours and andrews blogs , michaels wife lorraine is posting the days events too, keep up the good work , (matt)

    ps ,hope the guy who wrote his bike off is ok ??(bet i get that one) lol

  3. eyup punk, sounds like your having an amazing time! i'm envious of your dolphin experience, i hope you took loads of photos of them! love you loads.
    nic x

  4. Lorraine Poxon...............

    another fab blog, and thanks for passing on Mikes love! all of us miss him, but are enjoying our "cyber ride" via the blog!
    I bet the pudding you had was Malva pudding, its amazing, just have trouble getting the malvas in the UK !!! ;0)
    enjoy, ride well and look after each other
    Mike P's family xxx

  5. Miss O'Neill5 October 2009 at 13:17

    Hi to both of you , your mum, dad and Aunty Betty are being introduced to your Blog !! They say take care, keep safe and lots of Love ... your mum wahnts to know how is your Cumbrian Foot !! I am missing you terribly today, but I know you are having a fantastic time and getting the most out of the experience . Could we have some photographs of you two .. would love to see how dirty you actually get !!!! Lots and lots of love Wifey xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Good work fellas, really nice to read for those of us trying to squeeze our kit in to 20kg for trip 2! Sounds amazing and glad to here you are mostly in 1 piece. Keep up he good work and all the top tips (didn't know that about Brasso!)
    Cheers, Simon (Ride 2)

  7. hi ya. It was so good to hear from you tonight. It sounded like you were shattered after todays ride though. I think it has even surprised you as to how difficult this is. Still you have gone there for the challenge haven't you. It was also good to hear about your visit to a local school today and your involvement with that. I had hoped that you could read your emails - I have sent a lovely one that i would have liked you to read. It is not very private talking to you this way, I hope you get the opportunity to ring us again. Love you lots - Diane