Saturday, 3 October 2009

Jo'Berg Airport

Well we have officially set foot on South African soil, last night went well with many new friendships already developing. The flight was on time to the minute. We talked Rathers into playing us on the the plane, I reckon we walked half a mile through the various corridors to the gate and all the way people were rushing out of shops to get a glimpse of the piper, we were photographed, video'd and pleople clapped along with us as we went by, what a fantastic way to leave the UK, in Style!
We now have a 3 hour wait at Jo'Berg for our connecting flight to Port Elizabeth, Rathers wants a glass of breakfast,(What on earth could that be?)
The weather looks just like home but its muggy, One fo Di my wife here, when we landed in Jo'Berg I looked out of the window to be greeted by a 10 foot tall cut out of a Border Collie on top of one of the airport buildings, looked just like Eve our dog.
As I type Rathers has just informed me that the his clinical condition known as Cumbrian Foot has flared up! I will explain later, no doubt we will have a Durban knee to add to that when we come home.
Off to explore the airport now, very clean and modern, and BIG!
Later folks, thanks for looking,
Bob and Neil.x


  1. Good look bob and everyone on ride one ,stay safe ..... keep us informed of wifi areas etc if you can mate ..regards matt

  2. good luck to you all, from Lorraine, Bex, James, Jonathan and Tulah xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hope Enduro Africa have organised the piper for trip 2

  4. Miss O'Neill3 October 2009 at 15:52

    I miss you my Gorgeous Husband very very much, we are tracking your movements and I am keeping your mum , dad and Iain up to speed . I hope that there is no addition to the Cumbrian Foot, as My Galway knee is enough for the both of us, so be careful and if you have to injure anything , let it be somthing minor ! Take care both of you Lots of Love ... Grumpy Wifey !!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Good Luck Bob to you both and watch out for the bull elephants !! Mike & Gill