Thursday, 1 October 2009

Malc Canon and Ambleside

After a mornings fishing with my mate Bozzy who has just turned 60 and is reaping the benefits of OAP concessions on prescriptions fishing rates etc(My concession is to let him beat me every now and again) We popped in to see Malc and Ann Canon form Canon Intersports in Nuneaton/Hinckley.
Malc had agreed to sponsor us by providing us with a couple of essential bits of kit, Camel Backs(well Northface to be precise) These will be used every day whilst riding, Thanks agin Malc and good luck with the marathon later this month. Malc and Ann help children by sponsoring a child/school in I think Sierra Leone, Malc's sponsor money will go towards this, Ann also has managed to pursuade a member of staff doing a bungee jump for her(I think by dubious means?)
Hopefully see you both when we get back.
I forgot to mention that the little get together on Tuesday went very well at the Ambleside club, we packed the bar and drew the grand raffle, as a Thank you to those that again turned up to support us, Majella went out and bought some bottles of drink and some chocolates, then gave everyone a free ticket for an inpromptu raffle.
Thanks everyone, this may be the last blog entry until we get to SA, hopefully I can get to blog whilst we are out there, so watch this space!

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